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Friday, June 09, 2006



There is a slight diminution in the power of memorising, but the faculties of attention, of reasoning, and of imagination, develop rapidly.
They may be gratified at finding them; but so long as the woman is amiable, thrifty, efficient, and provides three good meals every day, they feel bound not to complain.
Much there is in heredity, but probably there is still more in environment.
These duties are on a level with her capacities; for these she was created, and for these culture is unneeded.
The old couplet, "Man works from rise till set of sun, But woman's work is never done," tells the truth.
"Beating about the bush" is always indicative of the absence of self-possession.
You, who know how necessary is every part of the body, would not allow anyone to injure any part of it, especially the part that contains the mother nest.
After a while, when the right time comes, the birdie will peck a tiny hole in the shell.
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